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The Girlie Series: Artist's Statement

Having grown up in the 50s, I was never privy to images like these. They were of women, but not to be seen by women or, better yet, by girls. One saw oneself naked, of course, one's mother, girls in the shower at gym, but one was not supposed to look. That seems a long time ago, when these were called girlie pictures, and we were considered forbidden fruit.

These women have a sassiness, and a beauty that comes from an unusual combination of trust, self-exposure, girlishness, a come-hither look, yet almost a shyness and self-consciousness about what they are doing that makes them enticing, exotic, erotic.

I have always loved to draw and paint the human body, with its shadows and lights, its lines that change with every breath, that hold inside a specific reality in the soul and the mind. I love to find that spirit in the privacy of a pose, in a face, a gesture, the tones of skin. It is endlessly intriguing to find the essence of a person, to capture the beauty of a woman, eternal and as varied as life itself.

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